Vino Alicante – Wine from South Spain.

220px-Balzac_noir-mourvedreThe great wine story geography lesson continues – Eh!

Buyers we know , love , trust and respect are telling us they do not know where Alicante is located.  ( between Gibraltar and Barcelona ) is the white coast of Spain.

Why does it matter! For these wine – in a word – Climate.

The North, South East and West of this topic to be discovered is home of the most exceptional quality Monastrell, found only in Alicante, Spain. This is because of the landscape, exposure to the sea, daylight and temperature. Here, in this place that is some short distance of 1,500 miles south of Champagne, France is a region very close to the birthplace of sparkling wine, on the same coastline as Monaco, France. The latitude is only a few degrees different from Sonoma, California. Welcome to the Mediterranean.

The fruit, Monastrell (also known as Mataró or in France Mourvèdre) needs very warm weather, a low leaf-to-fruit ratio but adequate water… Alicante has that. Sea, Soil and Air is used to produce intensely flavored fruit that is not overly jammy or herbaceous. The variety preferring “its face in the hot sun” is susceptible to viticulture hazards such as mildew and overgrown vigorous foliage. In Alicante, everything is just right with benefit of light colored soil, a long, sun-filled growing season and natural irrigation.

All this and we add about 400 years of tradition and a 25 year established Organic responsibility to the Protected Domain or Origin Certified Vino Alicante. In English, we define this as to say: “Great Grapes = Fabulous Wine”.

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Discover the Alicante wine growing region of Spain

This is a remarkable corner of the world. A dynamic climate, old world charm and wine making know how. Maybe even one of the best kept secrets in recent wine history. An agricultural region where for 25 years the Bocopa group of over 600 growers have worked to cultivate a finished product export solution to their 400 century grape growing heritage.


Here in this place, on the Mediterranean coast line between Barcelona and Gibraltar is Alicante, Spain. Look no further than this place for wine that is enjoyable and well made.

For wine under $20.00 In British Columbia, ask for Don Mantillon at Private Liquor Stores.


‘Tis the season for interesting wine…


…and wine savings too!

marina-glass_-rejoyce_201pix-highAs the Holidays approach, we recommend enjoy a glass while you deck the halls and all that jazz. What better to way to embrace the season than to pop a cork and enjoy some bubbles or any of our award winning wine selections.

Try Laudum Organic, Marina Espumante and Don Mantillon wine from the celebrated Costa Blanca wine producer Bodegas Bocopa of Alicante Spain.

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Marina Espumante assorted 6 pack of Bubbles about $180.00

Marina Brut with Glass

Take a Trio – for only $90.00

From a wine making perspective, Alicante is ideal… uniquely situated between Barcelona and Gibraltar Bodegas Bocopa shares the same latitude as Napa Valley with the added Value of old world vines.

A region influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and North Africa. Here in Petrer, Spain you will find modern wine production. A place where Roman Castles stand beside vines planted in light color soil. The sun, soil and air flow provides a yield of the most excellent fruit.

Planning travel to Spain? Be sure to add Peter, Spain to your wine tour travel agenda.


11 wine are available now in BC Private stores and hospitality accounts who host the Laudum Organic Macabeo and newcomer Don Mantillon with an Oak Age Tempranillo that outweighs any we have tried before…

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Getting two of each the Rosdao, Tinto and Brut is perfect for gatherings or as a break apart gift. Priced at only $31 per bottle (tax included) these sparling wine are well worth the purchase price.

Marina Espumante from Spain is a joyful and impressive sparkling wine even at the regular shelf price of $35.00 each.

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Something to Celebrate. Sparkling Wine from Spain.

Enjoy Fine Quality Espumante from Bodegas Bocopa, Alicante, Spain.

Marina Espumante Brut Sparkling Wine
Marina Espumante Brut Sparkling Wine

Marina Espumante Brut
SKU# 606046

In BC, available Now at Wholesale via the BCLDB are these top rated, Sparkling Wine selections.

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Private Liquor Stores will typically offer the Product “by the bottle” for about $33.00 per 750ml Size for any of these three remarkable selections from the South of Spain. We recommend you try them all! to save money… share the cost of a case with your friends.

Bocopa Rosado - Sparkling Pink Rose
Bocopa Rosado Sparkling Pink Rose

Marina Espumante Rosado(rose)
SKU# 840041

For complete product description
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Marina Espumante Sparkling Red
Marina Espumante Sparkling Red


Marina Espumante Tinto(red)
SKU# 488502

Embrace Spain! Enjoy Bubbles from Bocopa, Alicante D.O., Valencia on the Mediterranean White Coast where good food and sun can me found. In the foothills, 30km inland from the ocean shore is Bodegas Bocopa, surrounded by mountainside vineyards this Class A facility is an authentic wine making paradise that is rich with history and a very exciting place to visit. Learn more about travel opportunities to Bodegas Bocopa and Enter our Draw for monthly promotions by subscribing to our Bocopa Wine Newsletter. You can un-subscribe at anytime and if you are lucky, a free gift may be yours including the opportunity to win a Free Trip to Spain!  

Bocopa Wine on the Left Coast!

It’s Here…. The first editions of New selections available now for the first time in BC. Wine from Bodegas Bocopa of Spain… 15 glorious SKU  to include an  Alicante Spain Satellite ImageOak-Aged Monastrell (Mourvedre in France), Bocopa Marina Sparkling “espumante” RED is so nice… this alongside their classic Brut we have Certified Organic’s to include a Petit Verdot from this most esteemed producer of Alicante, Spain!

Activation should be right on time for accounts ordering in January… as we wish one and all a very Happy New Year  to welcome these wine selections to begin their appearance in private stores in BC beginning or about January 25th, 2016. Ask your local retailer for details of what choices will be available in your area.

Bocopa Laudum Organic Crianza

Laudumn alcanta-crianza Gold Medal ImageInbound and scheduled for delivery to welcome January 5th,2016 look for limited availability via BCLDB Customer Service or ask for Laudum at your favorite Local Licenced Private Store as we get ready to Embrace Spain with our first shipment from Alicante DO “Laudum Crianza” featuring Certified Organic Spaniah Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Deep cherry red in colour the wine presents an aroma rich in spices and vanilla.

Perfectly integrated with 16 month of oak Cask aging, giving Alicante Laudum Crianza a balanced and meaty palate, with all the structure and persistence one expects of a full-bodied wine. It was this Wine, that captured our attention to initiate this import story.

Ideal for accompanying meats, cheeses, rice dishes, Laudum Crianza this is a wine to enjoy on its own or with any variety of formal or informal plates.

Join us as we Embrace Spain to welcome Wine from Bodegas Bocopa, where Alicante DO is robustly influenced by the climate and terroir of Valencias white, sun bleached Mediterranean shores.


Bocopa on the Water… The Spaniards have crossed through Panama

Bocopa on the Water in Panama Map
Bocopa on the Water in Panama Map

Modern GPS Marine ship Tracking is letting us follow the arrival of the Seaspan Container ship Felixstowe as it makes its way to Vancouver. The Vessel that is carrying our espumante, organic white and reds and some quality table wine from Valencia Spain.

It was King Ferdinand of Spain who financed Christopher Columbus`Travels and Spanish explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa also of Spain who, in 1513, became the first European to discover that the Isthmus of Panama was just a slim land bridge separating the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


Premium Awards Stand Out on the shelf and in the glass
Premium Awards Stand Out on the shelf and in the glass

We are excited to share the history, news and information of Spain with all who have interest in the background behind the product that is on this ship. As the wine gets closer to arrival in our port we will begin to post details of the varietals from Bodegas Bocopa, Alicante DO Spain so that you too can share in the anticipation that theses historical figures have made possible for us today.

By reaching back further we one can almost hear the clatter of men working on their ships and before them the Romans who occupied this region building castles to establish viticulture in an area that provides much richness from the soil into the fruit that the good People at Bocopa harvest and convert to the wonderful product soon to arrive here in BC.

Join us as we welcome the flavour of these Spanish wine selections to celebrate our enthusiasm for the  land it comes from with appreciation for the culture and history that surrounds the making of premium quality old world wine of distinction.

Bocopa Vinos del Mediterraneo


Ready, Set, Spain!

Just 30 Kilometers from the Mediterranean Shore is the home of southern Spain’s most advanced LOGO BOCOPA (2)wine producer Bodegas Bocopa.

Join us to embrace Spain as we warmly await the arrival of fine wine from the Province of Alicante, Spain’s ‘White Coast’, the southern region of Valencia.

Columbus Lands in the New World
12 October 1492 – Landing of Columbus, painting by John Vanderlyn

There is no place like this ‘Old World’ growing region were the Roman Empire built castles and established vines. A place where Christopher Columbus (an Italian) most certainly traveled as he made his way to set sail for the new world.

The Alicante Shores in Valencia Spain
The Alicante Shores in Valencia Spain

Bodegas Bocopa is a worthy location to visit… the facility offers a rewarding travel tour destination with spectacular landscape and a welcoming setting as one of the best wine tour facilities we know.

Bottle Brand Label Image of Marina Espumante and Laudum Organic.
Bottle Brand Label Image of Marina Espumante and Laudum Organic.

Traveling Now – Through the Panama Canal a container ship is en-route to Vancouver with Award Winning MARINA Espumante, DON MANTILLÓN table Red and White, and the first of acclaimed LAUDUM Nature organic series…

We look forward to seeing them arrive here as much as we recommend you go see Spain.

Find out more: Visit and consider making plans to visit Alicante sometime and you too will find yourself wanting to embrace Spain.