Vino Alicante – Wine from South Spain.

220px-Balzac_noir-mourvedreThe great wine story geography lesson continues – Eh!

Buyers we know , love , trust and respect are telling us they do not know where Alicante is located.  ( between Gibraltar and Barcelona ) is the white coast of Spain.

Why does it matter! For these wine – in a word – Climate.

The North, South East and West of this topic to be discovered is home of the most exceptional quality Monastrell, found only in Alicante, Spain. This is because of the landscape, exposure to the sea, daylight and temperature. Here, in this place that is some short distance of 1,500 miles south of Champagne, France is a region very close to the birthplace of sparkling wine, on the same coastline as Monaco, France. The latitude is only a few degrees different from Sonoma, California. Welcome to the Mediterranean.

The fruit, Monastrell (also known as Mataró or in France Mourvèdre) needs very warm weather, a low leaf-to-fruit ratio but adequate water… Alicante has that. Sea, Soil and Air is used to produce intensely flavored fruit that is not overly jammy or herbaceous. The variety preferring “its face in the hot sun” is susceptible to viticulture hazards such as mildew and overgrown vigorous foliage. In Alicante, everything is just right with benefit of light colored soil, a long, sun-filled growing season and natural irrigation.

All this and we add about 400 years of tradition and a 25 year established Organic responsibility to the Protected Domain or Origin Certified Vino Alicante. In English, we define this as to say: “Great Grapes = Fabulous Wine”.

Try some: Click Here to buy Alicante wine at Government Store Prices – a WestCoast Liquor Store, BC Exclusive.



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