Vino Alicante – Wine from South Spain.

220px-Balzac_noir-mourvedreThe great wine story geography lesson continues – Eh!

Buyers we know , love , trust and respect are telling us they do not know where Alicante is located.  ( between Gibraltar and Barcelona ) is the white coast of Spain.

Why does it matter! For these wine – in a word – Climate.

The North, South East and West of this topic to be discovered is home of the most exceptional quality Monastrell, found only in Alicante, Spain. This is because of the landscape, exposure to the sea, daylight and temperature. Here, in this place that is some short distance of 1,500 miles south of Champagne, France is a region very close to the birthplace of sparkling wine, on the same coastline as Monaco, France. The latitude is only a few degrees different from Sonoma, California. Welcome to the Mediterranean.

The fruit, Monastrell (also known as Mataró or in France Mourvèdre) needs very warm weather, a low leaf-to-fruit ratio but adequate water… Alicante has that. Sea, Soil and Air is used to produce intensely flavored fruit that is not overly jammy or herbaceous. The variety preferring “its face in the hot sun” is susceptible to viticulture hazards such as mildew and overgrown vigorous foliage. In Alicante, everything is just right with benefit of light colored soil, a long, sun-filled growing season and natural irrigation.

All this and we add about 400 years of tradition and a 25 year established Organic responsibility to the Protected Domain or Origin Certified Vino Alicante. In English, we define this as to say: “Great Grapes = Fabulous Wine”.

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Don Mantillon – Motorsports

The Heart of a Champion.

Fuel-Altered, side by side race cars are described as “wildly unpredictable” by the NHRA. With an estimated 3,000HP under the hood, the extreme power to weight ratio and short wheel base makes for exciting race action and a unique story to unfold.

A Hot Rod design popularized in the California car culture of the 50’s and 60’s the car features an Iconic 1948 Fiat “Topolino” body style. Italian for “Little Mouse” this Alcohol and Nitro-Methane burning 511 Cubic inch V-8-hemi purrs like a kitten.

You can see the car in action this weekend, May 13 and 14, 2017 at Mission Raceway Park, BC, Canada.

Don Mantillon welcomes you to enjoy the sport of Auto Racing. please have a safe commute and never drink and drive.


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Discover the Alicante wine growing region of Spain

This is a remarkable corner of the world. A dynamic climate, old world charm and wine making know how. Maybe even one of the best kept secrets in recent wine history. An agricultural region where for 25 years the Bocopa group of over 600 growers have worked to cultivate a finished product export solution to their 400 century grape growing heritage.


Here in this place, on the Mediterranean coast line between Barcelona and Gibraltar is Alicante, Spain. Look no further than this place for wine that is enjoyable and well made.

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‘Tis the season for interesting wine…


…and wine savings too!

marina-glass_-rejoyce_201pix-highAs the Holidays approach, we recommend enjoy a glass while you deck the halls and all that jazz. What better to way to embrace the season than to pop a cork and enjoy some bubbles or any of our award winning wine selections.

Try Laudum Organic, Marina Espumante and Don Mantillon wine from the celebrated Costa Blanca wine producer Bodegas Bocopa of Alicante Spain.

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Marina Espumante assorted 6 pack of Bubbles about $180.00

Marina Brut with Glass

Take a Trio – for only $90.00

From a wine making perspective, Alicante is ideal… uniquely situated between Barcelona and Gibraltar Bodegas Bocopa shares the same latitude as Napa Valley with the added Value of old world vines.

A region influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and North Africa. Here in Petrer, Spain you will find modern wine production. A place where Roman Castles stand beside vines planted in light color soil. The sun, soil and air flow provides a yield of the most excellent fruit.

Planning travel to Spain? Be sure to add Peter, Spain to your wine tour travel agenda.


11 wine are available now in BC Private stores and hospitality accounts who host the Laudum Organic Macabeo and newcomer Don Mantillon with an Oak Age Tempranillo that outweighs any we have tried before…

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Getting two of each the Rosdao, Tinto and Brut is perfect for gatherings or as a break apart gift. Priced at only $31 per bottle (tax included) these sparling wine are well worth the purchase price.

Marina Espumante from Spain is a joyful and impressive sparkling wine even at the regular shelf price of $35.00 each.

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